Monday, May 14, 2012

An American Girl Weekend Extravaganza - Part 1, Party Day

Well, friends, I am now the mother of a seven year old.  I know, I can't believe it either.  How this snuck up on me is a mystery.

I've mentioned before that Julianna is a *little bit crazy over American Girl dolls. (*A little bit crazy = completely nutso).  Last year, we went to the American Girl Place in NYC for her 6th birthday.  You can read about those escapades here. This year, we already planned on Dad taking the day off and taking her to the new American Girl Place that opened up outside of Washington, DC.  To kick off her birthday weekend, we hosted a small AG party for a few friends.  Our plan was to make some AG doll sized clay foods and crafts (Which is one of Julianna's favorite activities...creating AG or Barbie sized anything!), eat and play games.  Mission accomplished.  We didn't get to as many of the crafts as I had planned, but the girls got to take them home to complete.  Here are a few pictures of our par-tay.

The party poof idea I got from Pinterest.  (Pinterest, oh, Pinterest, how I doth love thee!)

Our AG table centerpiece built by Dad. :-) 


An excited birthday girl...and her helpers.  Lol

The girls and their girls.


Kym Thorpe said...

I love the party poof! So many ways to use that. I'm gonna pin it. LOL

Moni-Q said...

What a great party! We had a very nice time. I can't believe Julianna is 7 either!

Jessica said...

Looks like a very nice party! Very creative!