Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Operation: Leprechaun

The St Patrick's Day holiday means one thing in our house (well, this year it also meant that I made corned beef and cabbage - turned out good, thanks for asking):  trapping a leprechaun.  

Last year we made our first leprechaun trap, but weren't successful in getting one.  Julianna was determined this year.  We (and I use that term loosely) had a two part plan:
Plan A:  If I heard a little Leprechaun scream in the middle of the night, I was to get up, wake her up, we'd both come downstairs and make the Leprechaun give us our wish.
Plan B:  Same as A, except Julianna would hear the scream, wake up and come down on her own (which would never happen in a million years).
We stuck with Plan C:  Get up in the morning at our regular time.
This is the trap.  Last year it was just the bottom green box.  This year she decided to add another floor to make it more appealing.
Front walkway with Lucky Charms, a cookie and a pot of gold (hiding behind the cookie.)  The plan was for the Leprechaun to take the goodies and when he moved the pot of gold, the door would slam shut, trapping him in.

Upper level

Bedroom with vanity

This year she made a new pillow from Duck Tape.

Also, a Duck Tape dress - in case we got a girl leprechaun this year. So cute!  Lol

Well, I'm sad to report that we did not catch a leprechaun this year.  They are sneaky little fellows.  (He did leave little green footprints into our bathroom where he had used our toliet...I spared you pictures of the green water in the bowl. You're welcome.)
We're already making plans for next year's trap!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Pet Adventures

Our pet family has doubled, so I thought I'd take a minute to share how we are all faring.
To use a defensive football analogy {To commemorate the fact that there are only 169 days until the kickoff of the college football season!}, when you have one kid (or pet, in this case), the parents have said kid double teamed, 2 on 1.  Two kids (pets), you go man to man.  Three or more, you have to switch to a zone defense, i.e. you are now outnumbered.  

We are in a zone defense, my friends.

This is Emily

Emily is our oldest cat.  She'll be 12 this year.  We rescued her from my Mom's house while home for July 4th.  She was being moved by a Mama cat, in the pouring rain, and Mama dropped her into a cement barrel and couldn't get her out.  We heard her squalling inside the house.  She was a tiny, drenched little rat.  She's been a good cat.  She's more reserved and likes to stand back and keep an eye on everyone else.

This is Holly
 Holly is the youngest...and most active of the cats.  She and Emily are best buds...she and Lucy (the newest cat), not so much.  They will hiss and chase each other at least once per day.  Hopefully they will get it figured out soon.

This is Lucy
 Lucy is the middle cat.  We just adopted her from the shelter a month ago.  She is still getting used to being in her new home.  She loves us and tolerates the puppy (with the occasional swipe at him when he gets a little too close for comfort one too many times), but she's not crazy about the other cats.  She's a Persian cat and has quite the demanding personality...and healthy meowing mechanism.  Doesn't she look like Grumpy Cat?  Lol

This is Murray
He's the only male (and dog) in the pet family.  He has adjusted well to our family.  He loves the cats and they put up with him.  Getting a dog has been the biggest adjustment.  Cats don't require training...or boarding...or crates...or grooming appointments...or generally, tick removal. (Found his first tick a couple days ago and had to remove it.  That was not fun!  And it was gross.  Who would have thought ticks were out already?)  He is doing well with all his training, though.  We do need to take a class as a family on having a puppy just so we'll all be on the same page with things (mainly what he can/can't do and getting him to listen!)

"Hello, Holly!  Wanna play?"

SWIPE  "Go away!"
(I have no idea why my cushion is on the couch backwards.  Must have been how a little gymnast in our family returned it after using it as a mat. Heading in to fix it.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Duck Tape Flower Pens

*  I don't want this post to be a buzzkill, but I do want to sincerely ask for your prayers for our family.  We've been hit with a couple biggies lately (death in the immediate family and a job loss) and we're just trying to keep on keeping on.  Please pray for direction and open doors.  Mucho appreciation-o. *

I'll give you one guess where I saw this neato idea...yep, you got it, my BFF, Pinterest.  

My Sunday School girls get a small prize for learning their Bible verses.  Lately it has been a small Beanie Boos.  They are crazy over those little animals.  I've made a deal with them that if we have 100% participation for the first verse in the quarter (we do 3) that I'll treat them to an ice cream sundae party.  I'm anticipating many prizes being awarded in the next couple of weeks, so I need to have a lot ready.  Beanie Boos get pricey after a while...especially on a no income, to Pinterest I headed.
The Duck Tape Flower Pen by Seven Sisters

I think they are really going to like them...if not, then I have some super cool pens to use.  Win, win.

**ETA: They really loved them!  I knew they would.  They are a great bunch of girls.**

The Seven Sisters site has a much better picture tutorial, but here are a few of mine.  

You will need:
6 different colors/patterns of Duck Tape (It's amazing how much is out there!)
A cutting mat
Sharp knife or blade
  (Okay, it's a little more involved.  You have to measure for the petals and the stem (the link has the measurements) and cut. I used an old Cricut mat to cut and my Exacto knives.)

Halfway there

Finished petals

All done

My bouquet!
I made eight flower pens and I had 13 girls say their verse!  The pens went quickly.  That's a good predicament for a Sunday School teacher!

Now I'm off to search what other neat things I can make with Duck Tape!