Monday, May 9, 2011

My Tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes

**Note:  This blog must be read/sung to Frank Sinatra's tune, "New York, New York". No good reason other than I'm feeling puckish while writing. Here is a link to it in case you need a refresher on how it goes**

Start spreading the news.
We left on Fri-day
To cel-e-brate Julianna's birthday 
In New York, New York.

It was our first trip.
Mom was nervous to go
To that big ol' scary town of
Ol' New York,  New York.

Julianna wanted to go to American Girl Place in New York
 Instead of waiting til June
When one in DC opens up.

We chose to stay 
Across the river in NJ 
And ride the bus through the Lincoln Tunnel 
To ol' New York.

If we can travel there
We'll travel an-y-where
I prayed we'd live through our trip 
To New York, New York.

(musical interlude)

We're in New York, New York

We headed over to the city early in the morning
Ma-apped our trip around,
Walked up famous streets, 
Saw famous sites,
Took some pic-tuuuuuuurrrressss.

Thhheeeeeeeeeee six year olllllllld
Had the best day of her liiiiiiife.
We can't wait to go back to see more sites of
ol' New York.

If we can travel there
We'll travel an-y-where
We loved our trip to
Newww York, Newww Yooooork!
New Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooork!

(My apologies to Mr. Sinatra.  Got nothin' but love for you, Frankie.)
Getting ready to head out Friday morning.
Julianna under the shadow of the Chrysler Building (which you can barely see in the background.)
At the American Girl Place (we were the first ones in line...yes, there was a line by the time it opened.  Crazy!)
Getting ready to get her doll's hair done in the salon. (Tip:  If you go, head to the salon first for the hair styling.  Wait can sometimes be up to 3 hrs!)
Her doll getting ready to get her 'do done.
All done.  
Outside the cafe.
Seated at the table.  They gave her and her doll special birthday crowns to wear.
With her cake
Family shot
She and our waitress, Caitlyn
Just happened to walk by Rockefeller Center
Radio City Music Hall
Times Square! (I loved it sooo much! I thought I wouldn't because of the crowds, but the frenetic pace didn't bother me.  Wonder what that says about me?  lol)

Inside the Barbie townhouse in Toys r Us

One worn out birthday girl
Julianna and her AG dolls


Tiff said...

I was juuust about to email you to complain about how long you were taking to post pics. lolol! Glad I checked one more time first. Ha!

You guys have inspired me. Thinking about getting brave and heading up to NYC this weekend. Is all of that stuff within walking distance or did you have to take a subway? I need one of those foldout maps for NY now. How close to Penn Station? NJ transit goes to Penn Station so I'm wondering if we can avoid the subway altogether? Oh and how long did it take you do drive up from our house? How was traffic? This is starting to sound like an email rather than a blog post, isn't it? haha!

wvugrads said...

I'll email you. lol

Jessica said...

I love it! GREAT pictures. J looks like she had a total blast. That's awesome!