Friday, June 7, 2013

We don't need no education!

Woohoo!  It's the end of the school year for us.  Not sure what we'll get into this summer (other than going on vacation the beginning of August).  We are working on our "Summer Fun List" poster, so I'll post about it soon...if we get it done.

We did a 10 day countdown with special activities in each balloon (no English today, no piano practice today, go to Rita's after school, etc.)

By day 8 even the balloons were D.O.N.E with this year.  Lol

Our last day

The top of her mortarboard.  Lol

Principal Dad helping pin her cap on.  I think this is foreshadowing for her High School graduation.  :-(

Her promotion certificate and a Math Whiz award (she scored a 97% overall in Math this year!)

I hope everyone has had a blessed school year.  Enjoy your summer!  
(It won't be long until the Back to School sales begin.)

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