Friday, June 14, 2013

Famous Face Biography Project - Helen Keller

Julianna learned about Helen Keller at a class in the Fall and has been obsessed, I mean, interested in learning more about her life ever since.  (Julianna has always been one to go all in when it comes to something she is interested in.  I hope she doesn't lose that passion...I only wish she was interested in reading and such!  When she was young, you would even have to call her by whichever character name she "was" at the time.)
We have read books, done many (many) reenactments of Helen's life events and watched movies and documentaries about her life.  We have also learned about Braille and have even gotten a couple books written in Braille from the library.   We tried to write her name, but because she tends to be very literal, we couldn't make the raised dots, so it didn't interest her.  I found this idea on Pinterest about Famous Faces Biography Projects and thought it would be a perfect thing to do at the end of our school year.  
Julianna made a poster with details of Helen's life and then did an oral presentation.  She did so good!  I filmed it, but for some reason YouTube won't upload it.  I'll try again.  It's a must see!
Until then, here are some pictures.

Here is the poster.  You are supposed to cut head/arms out for the student and then they give the presentation as the person.  I didn't measure well for the arms and we had to make adjustments.  :-)

"Helen Keller  Born in 1880, Death 1968"

"The College Years"

In this picture, Helen is knocking off the lamp and her nanny is running to stop her.

"This was how Helen learned how to communicate." (Helen and Anne Sullivan)

I'm not exactly sure how the carriage fits into the story.  Maybe it was bringing Annie Sullivan from the train.  Lol

I loved this project.  It combined her artistic abilities with the learning process.  We will definitely revisit this project in the future.

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