Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Snippets of Happies

Happy #1: This week my honey bunches and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. I don't have a picture to post because we got married before the digital age and I'm too lazy to scan one of in, so if you'd like to see us before we'd lost our minds, I have a tiny little wallet sized picture somewhere in my purse.

Happy #2: I'm enjoying our Geography studies. We are working our way through Asia, at the moment. ("Ni Hao" from China and "Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo" from South Korea.) A lot of the information is waaay over Julianna's head, but I try to do a lot of visual representations (for the different country characteristics: religion, money, capitol city, etc.) and crafts and that seems to keep her interested. One thing we do is look up a missionary for the area we are studying and we pray for them specifically during the week after our lesson and at bedtime. I've tried to contact the missionaries, but something is wrong with the email submission on the UPCI webpage, so I don't think the messages went through (Note to self: contact the web people to see what's up.) Next week we will go to Japan.

This is a paper doll we made. (Found a great site with tons of awesome printables for range of grades. This was from the Paper Dolls from Around the World section. Loving this site!
Ancient Kings in South Korea used to have very ornate crowns, so we made us one of those.

Can't you feel the joy emanating through your computer screens? Feel the love, people.

Our fairy doll with crutches, in honor of Pastor Sean. (She has nothing to do with South Korea - I'm sure she was made in China - I just wanted to put her somewhere.)

Happy #3: **Cue Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" or just hum the tune along with the angels singing whilst reading the next section** These are the newest members of our family. Aren't they just beautiful? (Bad angle on the shot, I know. My laundry room isn't big enough to get a shot that does them justice.) They are soooooo quiet and they play me a happy little tune when they are done with their work. The clothes have a fun little time in the washer and dryer, but are still confined to blue IKEA bags (Yes, those are my laundry baskets. Easier to carry and they are .59 cents.) for the next day...or so. (Ha! Who am I kidding? They are lucky to be put away within the week. Most of the time we dress out of the basket. Horrible habit, I know. I hate folding and putting away. Confession time finished.)

Happy #4: For the past couple days, we have had a monarch butterfly hanging around our butterfly bushes. She is just beautiful. It's the first one I have ever seen out in nature or rather the first one I've seen while actually looking for it. I'm thinking of setting up a MB rest stop in our yard by planting flowers/plants that they like. Apparently, they will stop during their migrations. They talked about doing that in a nature class Julianna took. Sounds cool to me! I'd love to have them around.

Happy # 5: Fall! I love Fall. I love all the homey Yankee Candle scents, any food item made with pumpkin : pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin dump cake, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cheesecake - I love them all! - going to the pumpkin farm, changing of the leaves, cooler days and nights, FOOTBALL, baby! Love, love, love the Fall! Plus, it's one season closer to snow!

John, the pumpkin
You can run, Dude, but you can't hide.
Excessive much? Yes, that is 6 cans each of the large pumpkin and 13 small cans. We will have pumpkin desserts this fall!

Pumpkin Patch!
The one (of two) she picked out.
Our bounty

Scolding Milo, the calf, after he tried to take a nibble of her skirt.

Happy #6: Our groovy tie dye leaves on our fall tree. They turned out really cute. Hard to tell by the pictures, but it looks cool.

Dig it, man!

Julianna "climbing" the tree. Ha!

Unhappy of the week: Julianna's first trip to Urgent Care Friday evening for a gaping wound on her chin caused by hitting it on the side of the tub...actually it was just a little one, but since the cut was "open" her doctor's office said to go to ER in case sutures were needed. Luckily they weren't. She probably won't get to go to gymnastics on Monday, which she is bummed about. My only pics are on my phone and I can't figure out how to upload from there to here, so just take my word for it, she looked quite pitiful.

Geesh, I'm a chatty Cathy tonight, so if you are still reading, it's because you love me...I love you too!


JessicaH. said...

Great pictures! I love the butterfly pics- and the pumpkin patch looked like fun (cute calf!). Wow- you had a busy week. Glad J didn't need stitches.

Tiff said...

I have to post so I get credit for reading the whole thing. Haha! I think you need to tell your blog readers the monarch story you told me the other day. LOLOLOL!!!!

You know...that Ikea bag comment gave me an idea. Typically when we get a surprise showing we throw stuff in a laundry basket and shove it behind the clothes in our closet. But if we dug out the Ikea bag we could have more stuff out at a time, couldn't we? Since they are so big and have handles so we can stash it in the car! Hrrmmm...something to ponder. Then the kids can play with TWO toys at a time! Woohoo! Haha!

Moni-Q said...

Gotta show Pastor Sean the crutches on the fairy doll. She may not talk to him or look at him, but at least she is thinking about him. Love the post. I think I want to come to your school. :)

Work EMail said...

I love the doll with crutches ...... Very nice. I'm not alone!!!! (Smile)

The pic on the phone thing ....... Just email the pic from your phone to an account you can access from your computer and ...voilĂ ... There you go...time to unload.

(you think I have to much time on my hands..... LOL)

Work EMail said...

Above comment is from Pastor Sean.
Not sure how to do hid the right way ....LOL

Work EMail said...

I'm not sure how to post the right way ...... With my name.

Miss Riya said...

In response to your comment on Ecole:
I have a cricut and I LOVE it. Now I am drooling over the new Cricut Cake. I don't know if you have seen it, but it is awesome. You can use all of your regular cricut cartridges to cut fondant icing to embellish your cakes.
P.s. I just realized that I hadn't added a link to you on my homeschool blog...problem solved. I also added a link to Tiff.
Love & Prayers,