Monday, October 18, 2010

I love lists!

I am forever making if I stick to what's on them is another post, but they will be made.  Before going on a trip (especially vacation) or planning a party, the lists will be pages long, all categorized.  What can I say? I'm a list-y kinda gal.  That said, here is our week in list form. 

***  We studied Japan this week which included making "ormagami" and learning about the capital city, "Tonokyo" (pronounced like Pinocchio with a /t/.)  We pretty much mispronounced our way all over the country. 

Julianna in a kimono we found in her dress up box.  She looks zoned out, man.  Mama's crackin' the whip too hard on this poor homeschooler.  lol

Our "ormagami" family.  I made one large one (mom) doll, then we had to add one a little smaller (big sister), then triplet babies (2 girls and a boy), then another big one (dad) and finally another set of tiny triplets (another 2 girls and a boy.) 

These are some of Julianna's origami originals.  

***  We switched our math to Singapore Early Bird Kindergarten.  I think I'm going to like it.  The beginning covers very basic concepts, but it sticks with one concept per unit with a review at the end.  The textbook is much more colorful and the activities are much more varied.  So far, so good.

***  Not homeschool related, but I made a couple awesome desserts this weekend.  Oh.My.Goodness.  Slap your mama, good.  No lie.  One was a frosting appropriately titled, "That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had" and the other was apple dumplings that use a can of Mountain Dew in the mixture. I asked my hubster what he thought the Mt Dew did in the recipe.  His reply was, "Makes it happy."  Delicious, I'll tell you.   Ask nicely and I'll make you some. 

*** In science, we carved two of the pumpkins we got the week before.  While I cleaned the bazillion slimy seeds for roasting (which turned out quite yummy), Julianna made entries in her science journal.  She is very detail oriented when she is drawing.  She is quite observant overall and notices things that I totally miss.  It's always interesting to see what she comes up with. 

Before the pumpkin massacre began.  Poor things have no clue what's about to happen.

Julianna's reaction to pumpkin "guts"

Her narration says: "Today in science, we cut open pumpkins."

"We pulled out the seeds"

"We put the seeds in a yellow bowl."

*** Miscellaneous pics

A fall tree picture we made

Parachuting on the deck (Yes, that is a white garbage bag.  Why do you ask?)



Tiff said...

I want a pumpkin dessertie thingie!! Purdy pwease! I promise to try not to corrupt your daughter during church and to help enforce your whisper only policy! lol!

Love her narrations! Love all your art projects too.

Totally with ya on the lists. Peter is too. After the whirlwind of phone calls and texts Saturday that landed him a free trip to Hawaii I found post-it lists all over the house. Stuff he needed to bring, people to call, etc. lol! Gave me warm fuzzies.

JessicaH. said...

I want to go back to teaching Kindergarten! I love her notebook entries :)