Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A walk on the wild side

Let's go on a little nature walk in my yard...that's about as far as I venture into nature.

Teeny baby praying mantis

Butterfly bush bloom

 And while I was admiring the blooms on said butterfly bush, a Mama Robin flew out of the middle of it and scared the bejeebies out of me!  I then found these:

 I have a bush (Let me know if you have any idea what kind it is.) that lines my front sidewalk that tends to be a nuisance  but it blooms tons of these lovely yellow flowers, so I let it stay.  

My hydrangeas.  I love them.

My garden, which is totally overtaken with crab grass.  It's sad when you have to mow the between the rows of your veggies, but it is what it is.  You live and learn.  I'll figure something else out for next year.  It's growing nicely and I can see harvest time coming soon.  We've gotten a couple cucumbers and a lot of herbs.  My zucchini and tomatoes are very close.  

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meboo said...

Your gardens are so pretty! I didn't realize that you had a green thumb:-)