Thursday, April 25, 2013

Washington, DC...yes, again

Believe it or not, we went to DC TWICE, yes, twice in one week.  After not being there for almost 7 years, this is a big accomplishment for our family.  :-)  For someone that does not like crowds, we picked the wrong day to go...actually, I don't think there is ever a right day to go if you are avoiding crowds.  It just doesn't happen.  Some crowds just aren't as crowded as others.  This day...a Saturday and the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival...was especially busy.  We got there fairly early (and found a new (free!) place to park that was right off and back on the beltway.  This, for me is a very important feature.  I've taken some wrong exits in DC and ended up places I'd rather not be...including Baltimore.) and we left mid-afternoon, so it wasn't too bad.
*Warning:  Photo overload ahead* 

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