Monday, June 18, 2012

TOS Review: Creation Illustrated Magazine

Creation Illustrated is a magazine that celebrates the beauty of our Creator and his creations.  Started in 1983, by homeschoolers, Tom and Jennifer Ish, CI has both beautiful pictures and a high quality feel.  As they tout on their website, "The Christian answer to National Geographic."  

Their Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to share the wonders of God's creation. By revealing fresh insights of His infinite wisdom, gentle touch, undeniable justice, redeeming love, and flawless design, pure truth shall bring renewed peace. Each part of this publication is offered as a reprieve from the daily rigors of life so that all can look to the future with unbridled gratitude and hope.  
Each edition is divided into three sections - Creation Illustrated in Nature, in Scripture and in Living.  There is also an Instructional Guide in the back that provides ideas and activities for further study - questions about articles, field trip ideas or supplemental activities, etc.  

My musings:  

I had heard of Creation Illustrated through advertisements, but had never had the opportunity to see one in person.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality.  Most magazine pages are so thin, but these are printed on heavy, high gloss paper.  It's definitely a magazine that you keep, rather than toss each month. Each article and feature celebrates the wonder of nature and our amazing God behind it all.  Julianna has been hoping to see a hummingbird this summer (I guess I should get a hummingbird feeder to aid in the process.), so we were excited to see an article in one of the magazines we received about hummingbirds. (Did you know that they beat their wings 70 times per second and up to 200 times per second in flight?  Amazing little creatures.)  

Because Creation Illustrated believes that you, my friends, are groovy, they are offering you a FREE introductory issue.  Subscriptions are $19.95 for 4 quarterly issues.

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* Disclaimer:  As a  member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received 4 issues of Creation Illustrated in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was given. *