Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm quirky

I was thinking the other day that I have some quirky ways about me.  (Quirky - neuroses...it's a fine line. Don't judge.)  I know some of you all are quirky, too.  Embrace your quirkiness!

Quirk 1:  I am a germaphobe.  
("Hello, my name is Kelly and I'm a germaphobe.  Hello, Kelly."  Not sure exactly why, but I am. (This is where the neuroses line gets blurred)  People poke fun, but I am the first person that others will come to when they need antibacterial wipes.  I buy them from a janitorial supply site online by the 1000 packet box. What? Is that strange?)

Quirk 2:  I will not buy the first magazine on the newsstand.
(You know that everyone looks at the first magazine on the rack while waiting in line and sticks it back when it's time to unload the cart.  I choose carefully from the remaining issues behind.  See Quirk 1. Don't you all now stick the magazines that you have flipped through with your grubby hands into the back to throw off my routine. Hmm, I did just take a stack of free Country Living magazines at a yard sale.  Does something being free supersede my germaphobia?  I will have to ponder that thought.)

Quirk 3:  I read cookbooks like others read novels.
(I read novels too, but I do love to read cookbooks, cooking magazines, cooking blogs, etc. You get the picture.)

Quirk 4:  I love print catalogs.
(I do look at a lot of stuff online, but I love the feel of the beautiful, slick pages in my hands. I blame my cousin.  She used to get all of these really cool catalogs in the mail and she'd pass them on to me. I have taken up the cause on my own, now. I think I talked about this before.  Feels like deja vu.)

Quirk 5:  I eat some strange food combinations.
(Macaroni and cheese and ketchup.  Potato chips and A1 steak sauce.  Don't crinkle your noses.  I know you all eat some weird food concoctions, too.  Right?  Right???)

Quirk 6:  I can think of a song to go with most situations.
(We celebrated our 15th Anniversary last week by going to see Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center.  This was my third time seeing it and it was still just as powerful as the first.  If you have never seen it, GO!  (Just don't take the kids.  Les Mis NOT a kids show.  French Revolution was a rough time.  Jus' sayin'.) Anyway, it's been a week now and I still sing songs from the show in my head (and sometimes out loud) whenever the occasion arises.  For example, someone will say rain is in the forecast and I will break out in "A Little Fall of Rain" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNHRiCUrQyw&feature=related  "And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close, and rain will make the flowers grow." (It is the first scene of the second act that the tears start flowing.  It's when Eponine dies.  *sob*)  Say something about things happening tomorrow and "One Day More" pops out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToWBb3XD9z8&feature=related.  "Tomorrow we'll discover what God in Heaven has in store.  One more dawn.  One more day.  One daaaay mooooooore." You get the picture.  I'm sure this will subside some...though it never fully goes away.

So, what are your quirks?  I know you gotcha some.


Tiff said...

This, my dearest Kelly, is why we are friends. Haha! I absolutely love your germaphobia. Germaphobes make the world a safer place (ok, except for the fact that you guys DO help create superbugs...had to throw that in there. heehee!). I do the same thing with the magazines AND with grocery items. Not because of germs but because of things like bent corners, wear on edges, etc. Can't deal with asymmetry, lack of pattern, etc. I'm practically autistic when it comes to that sort of thing (yes it still is bothering me that I know your Keurig cups aren't categorized by row but I'm praying about that...haha!). I also mentally fact check and correct grammar the entire time people are talking to me. *sigh* Good heavens you have weird friends. Make that Quirk #7. ;)
I love quirk #6. Reminds me of my mama. <3 I totally crinkled my nose on #5. Mac and cheese with ketchup?! So gross. :P

wvugrads said...

Bear Hugs, my OCD friend!

(My Dad ate m/c and ketchup. I blame him. Only boxed m/c and Heinz ketchup, though. Lol!)