Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's no place like home.

That is, unless you are on vacation.

We just returned from a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is the third year we've rented this particular vacation home and we just love it. Anytime you go can get away as a family it's nice, but this year, it just seemed like our time was extra special.  Not sure why it felt any different, but we live in a very hectic area of the country (and since we are so close to the central political arena, it can be volatile at times, as well), so going somewhere that is totally peaceful...with the exception of the cows and the other sounds of a welcomed respite. The private pool isn't too shabby either. I have more pictures, but I have to upload them from my phone.  :-) 

Swimming in the deep end.  She's quite the little fish.

Star and Sweet Pea (two of the four miniature horses that live on this side of the farm.) When you go near the fence, they come running. It's nice to think they want to see you, but it's all about the carrots! 

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Jessica said...

That place screams R & R. I would love to go there sometime. So glad you got to get away and get refreshed together :)