Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How does your garden grow?, Part 1

Friends, big news. I am a gardener (overseer of a very small raised garden, but it's a garden nonetheless).  I hope this will be an ongoing series of posts (read: my plants actually start producing what they are supposed to). 

Our soil is horrible (tons of red clay) and I'm not that ambitious to take on making sure my soil has the right pH balance, etc., so I felt the best option was to go with a raised bed.  It's not very big (4x8), but I wanted my endeavor to be manageable (and successful). 

Before anything was planted (and the grass was mowed :)  )

16 tomato plants
(I loooove garden tomatoes.  Love. They are the only reason I wanted a garden.)

4 pepper plants, zucchini, cucumbers, basil & rosemary

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