Monday, November 8, 2010

Writer's Block

Okay, so I'm not exactly what you would consider a writer per se, but I still cannot think of anything interesting to blog about.  Blogs, as is their nature, tend to be so narcissistic and I feel goofy going on about our doings and we live such an exciting life here in Jefferson (NOT!), hence writer's block, but I digress.  Let's just talk about some of life's little discoveries that have been uncovered over the last couple weeks.

Discovery 1:  Magic Nuudles
I have a crafty kinda kid.  She loves to paint, draw, create things with pipe cleaners, wikisticks, etc. - she's never liked coloring books, though.  Not sure the psychoanalysis behind that, but I wish she did.  We went to Joann Fabrics this week to finish getting material for our costumes for the Harvest Party and we discovered these little gems:  magic nuudles (  They have probably been out for eons, but we are just being enlightened.  They look like packing peanuts in all different shades of color.  They are made from cornstarch and will stick to each other or other surfaces (windows, etc) with a little bit of water.  Too much water equals bad outcomes for the nuudle.  Julianna spent quite a while during the afternoon making her creations, which included Pastor Sean (which I'm sure is an original), flowers, rain cloud with raindrops and a couple of ninjas (Yes, you read that correctly.  I blame her father.)

Discovery 2:  Air Drying Clay Does Not Like Me
We studied Israel last week (Annoying side note:  There are far less resources for Israel than the other countries we have recently studied.  Not sure why. : / ) and for our craft project we did jewel inlaid pottery.  I got some of Crayola's air drying clay and this stuff has it out for me. Seriously.  This is the second time I've used it and both times have been unsuccessful. It molds nicely, looks lovely while drying and then it cracks or breaks apart.  I should go to Crayola's site and see what I'm doing wrong.  This is a picture of our work before it was no more. 

Discovery 3:  I LOVE the Holiday Season
Random information, but it's true.  I love everything thing about it:  food, lights, decorations, music, food,  parties, cards, traditions, food, presents, snow, Black Friday sales, lights synchronized with music...all of it.  I'm ready to start decorating now, but I will refrain until after Thanksgiving...I think.  I'm going to get my furniture rearranged for the placement of the tree...must be all feng shui, you now.  Kidding.  The local radio stations are going to start their 24/7 Christmas music on November 18th.  I love it!  Can't wait.

Discovery 4:  Coffee Gooooooooooood!
Not a discovery, but it never hurts to give it props.

Discovery 5:  I miss my camera
My camera had to go back to the manufacturer for repair.  I never realized how often I took pictures until it was gone.  Hopefully it will be back soon.  

Discovery 6:  Homemade Halloween Harvest Party costumes rock!
Julianna decided that she wanted to be Rapunzel for the harvest party at church. (That decision then switched to Cat in the Hat and then back to Rapunzel.)  I had an idea in my mind of how I wanted the costume to look.  I wanted to do a cardboard tower over her shoulders where she would look out the front window and her wig could hang out.  With some adjustments (which included a whole change in the way I made the wig) and lots of help from Dad, the finished product turned out really cute!  Our trunk theme stayed Cat and the Hat and my husband and I dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2...complete with blue wigs.  I'll spare you any pics of that.  I think next year I'm doing a Hillbilly Holler...taking it back to my roots, my friends.  lol  


Looking like Christmas at Jessica's ( van.

Unfortunately, these two kids rubbed Tiffany ( the wrong way. 

Queen Raynie.  Love that girl. 

The evidence of a good time.  :) 


JessicaH. said...

It's about time! Been waiting for a new post to read. Me too---I cannot wait for Thanksgiving & Christmas. I want to start decorating now ,too, but guess I will have to wait :)

Melba said...

I love Julianna's costume! So cute!

Moni-Q said...

Sweet post...I think we must have a lot in common. I have been listening to the Christmas music for months now in preparation for our choir presentation.

Julianna's costume was awesome!!!! I loved it, and I think Thing 1 and Thing 2 were pretty awesom as well. You both looked lovely with blue hair. ha!