Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're thankful...

We are headed to WV next week, so this week we went ahead and did our Thanksgiving lessons.  I rolled language arts/math into the Thanksgiving theme, but kept geography as is because, it just so happens, the country that was up for study was Great Britain.  How about that for coinkydink?  We didn't do as much for the country as we usually do since, well, it's not like we had a learn a new language (even though they sound better saying the same words than we do) and with other classes, etc. our time was limited.  We briefly discussed the royal family. I thought she'd be impressed with real Princes/Princess, etc. She wasn't. There wasn't much else to say:  born into the royal family, no real power, live in a fancy house, have lots of clothes and jewelry.  My apologies to the Queen.  Maybe the royal wedding next year will be more impressive.  I like the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it...and the dress.  Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Eat a slab of turkey for me (white meat only, unless you are vegetarian and then you can eat, well, I don't think I can be friends with a vegetarian. I call it PTDFS (post traumatic Daniel Fast syndrome).  Take your veggies, give me my coffee and we'll call it a day.
Our week in pictures:  
Crutches for her "broken leg" that she and Daddy created.  They are made up of hangers, curtain rods and bubble wrap.

Our Native American paper dolls.  They turned out cute!

Thanksgiving book.
Doesn't the scarecrow remind you of Bob Marley?  I can just hear him saying to the crows, "Shoo, Mon!"

This is a picture of the Pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock.  That is an Indian friend waiting to meet them and a HUGE turkey standing beside him. 
Text bubbles are:  Girl pilgrim, "Hi!", boy pilgrim, "That's a big turkey!", Indian, "Thank you!  This is my pet, Tya Turkey."  I tried Tom Turkey as a name, but it wouldn't fly.  That's a boy's name, you know.
Things Julianna would take if she was traveling to a new world.   

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Tiff said...

Wow I love her Thanksgiving projects! The Bob Marley scarecrow is tooooo awesome. lol!

JessicaH. said...

Love it all! The crutches are great. And love the scarecrow...mon. <3