Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Pajama Chef - Cookie making time

The Pajama Chef came up with a money making idea before the holidays...sell homemade cookies.  We decided on decorated sugar cookies and snickerdoodles (Oh, what a time we had with the snickerdoodles!  I was so disappointed with how they turned out. :-/  The last day of filling orders I ended up having to try 5 different batches before I could get some that didn't bake in little balls.  I am planning on replacing a few of the orders we filled...guess I better get on that! If you have a foolproof snickerdoodle recipe, let me know.)  She made an advertisement to send to potential customers, filled out the order form as the orders came in and we were off!  She did quite well for her first business venture.  

Okey dokey.  Here we go!

Hard at work.

Looking good!


Her "French Chef" face.

Whew!  That was some hard work. Off to deliver the first four orders.
Thank you to all who bought cookies.  We really appreciated your support!  

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