Friday, December 28, 2012

Starlight Mint platters and bowls

I saw an idea on Pinterest to make serving platters using starlight mints. It looked so cool...and easy!

Well, it was...and wasn't.

It was easy to do and they turned out pretty neat, but not like the pictures online.  They are definitely one of a kind, though.  Unique.  I still like them and am a bit obsessed with getting them perfect.  I'll have to raid the after-Christmas sales to stock up on starlight mints for next year.

So, preheat your oven to 350 and arrange the mints on parchment paper (on a cookie sheet) in whatever shape you want them to slightly resemble , I mean, look like when finished.  Bake for 6-8 minutes, depending on your oven and how melted you want the candies.  Warning:  They can go from almost ready to oops, in just a matter of seconds, so you just have to experiment with the time.  I let them cool for about 5 minutes on the pan and then slid the parchment onto my counter for a few more minutes.  Carefully peel the parchment away and voila, your candy platter.

This is my first attempt 

First one finished - not bad.  Kinda groovy on the edges.  

Second attempt

First and second finished

I tried some smaller versions, which were okay, but the ones I made larger worked out better.  
When you take the mints out of the oven, they are liquefied.  As it cools, it becomes moldable, so Michael and I got the bright idea that we wanted to try and make a bowl.  So, we brainstormed and decided to spray a small metal mixing bowl with some vegetable oil and while the mints are still warm, flip the parchment over and form it around the bowl.  Peel the paper away and let it cool completely and then carefully remove the mint bowl from the metal bowl.  

It worked...pretty much  :-)  

I can't wait to work on this some more next year.  I need to look and see if there is an acrylic sealant on the market that is food safe.  If you know of one, please comment and tell me all about it!


meboo said...

I love the idea! It looks so fun and easy to make.

Under the Sky said...

These are sooo pretty! :)We saw the specific kinds of mints these use in the dollar store and the lady at the counter told me about this project! LOL :D


Jill said...

Why are they sticky and what to do about that?