Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

Tonight we made "resurrection rolls".  I had heard of "resurrection cookies" (A meringue cookie that you mix up the night before Easter and put into the oven, "seal" the oven with tape and then go to bed. In the morning you roll the stone away (or take the tape off) and the cookies are hollow.) a few years ago when Julianna was still too young to understand.  Now that she is older, she won't eat nuts, so I'm still out of luck!  Thankfully, I stumbled across the recipe for the rolls earlier this week and knew they would be something she'd like to do.  

In a nutshell, you take a large marshmallow (represents Jesus) and dip it in melted butter/cinnamon sugar (oil and spices for his body) and then wrap it in a cresent roll (the tomb.)  When you bake it, the marshmallow melts and leaves an empty tomb.

Our tombs getting ready to go behind the stone (or stove door as we call it.)



We had a great time doing these.  We read the Easter story along the way and I think this is definitely one tradition we will keep...unless she gets over her aversion to "bits" in food then we'll try the cookies. 
Happy Easter!


Jessica said...

Neato! Love her silly expression above ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love the idea!

meboo said...

Great idea!