Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why did it take them so long???

Last year I read about this new product from Heinz ketchup (which is unarguably the ONLY ketchup worth consuming) and have been waiting patiently for it to make it's way to the area.  Friends, my wait is almost over!  Chick-fil-a has one box of regular squeeze packets left (Yes, I asked.  Is that strange? ) and then these little beauties will make their debut...Heinz ketchup dip and squeeze containers.
(Picture courtesy of my niece, Crystal, who lives in TN.) 
  You can pull the tab and dip or rip the end and squeeze.  
Simply.Brilliant.  That is all.

(If anyone in our area comes across these before I do, snag me one!  I have issues.)


Moni-Q said...

Yep...that is really cute! I won't comment on the "I have issues" statement. You crack me up!

Signora Keaton said...

Too funny...
Can't wait to experience that when I come home in May ;-p