Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I think I'm in trouble...

So, a recent conversation went like this. 
Setting:  in the car on the way to WV for Thanksgiving.  

Kid:  My Flat Stanley teacher is a mean bossy boots.

Me:  Why?  What did she want you to do?

Kid:  She kicked me out of class.

Me:  When?  Where did you have to go?  

Kid:  I had to sit outside on the sidewalk. 

Me:  You had to go outside on the sidewalk?  With who?

Kid:  No one.  I had to go by myself. 

Me:  You had to go outside on the sidewalk by yourself?  I don't think you are telling Mommy the truth because I know that they would never send you outside on the sidewalk by yourself.  It's in a parking lot.

Kid:  Well, I had to leave the classroom and sit in the hallway.  

Me:  Why?  What did you do?  

Kid:  I said that the other kid's Flat Stanley reports were boring and she made me go out of the class.  I helped another lady with curly hair stack up chairs.  

Me:  Why did you say the reports were boring?  

Kid:  Because they were and I didn't say I forgive them.  

Me:  Were you told to ask for forgiveness?

Kid:  Yes, but I didn't.  

Me:  Well, that it probably hurt the other student's feelings for you to say their report was boring.  You should have asked them and your teacher to forgive you for being rude.

Kid:  No way!  She's a mean bossy boots.

We went on to instruct her on how her behavior was disrespectful and rude and we didn't want to hear about that happening again and on how she could have better handled herself.

Fast forward to today after class.  

Me:  So, how did class go today?

Kid:  Well, I didn't get kicked out.

That's progress, I guess.  We appreciate all prayers and intercessions on our behalf. 

She's not as innocent as she looks.  :) 


Tiff said...

Hahahahahaha!! Rebelette without a cause. You, my dear, have your hands full. It's like I tell the boy "Ya know, it's a REAL good thing you are cute because otherwise..." ;)

JessicaH. said...

LOLOLOL!! That was funny!

LOVE the Christmas background!

Ave said...

She is so funny! One thing about it she speaks the truth!